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At Rustic Salon we want to ensure that you are able to recreate the styles you love, have healthy hair outside of our salon and feel confident with the products you have at home. As such, we only carry brands we feel align with our standard of high-quality. We don’t partner with a particular brand. This gives us the freedom to be extra scrupulous in what makes it to our shelves. Stop by Rustic Salon in Ankeny to purchase your products today!

Moroccan Oil

Infamous for their Argan-Oil infused products, Moroccan Oil offers uncompromising care for your hair and skin. We love their wide variety of nourishing and transformative cleansing, styling and finishing products. Their mission to provide luxurious products that inspire confidence coincides with our own! If you are looking to transform dry, brittle hair, we would love to find the Moroccan Oil product that works best for you.


Unite provides a versatile line that consists of clean and high performance formulas. We love their commitment to education and providing quality in each of their products. Unite has excellent solutions for many of the common culprits of hair discontentment. Whether brassy, damaged or thinning, we feel confident Unite has a product to help you achieve hair you love with the hair you have!

Color Wow

Committed to excellence, Color Wow goes above and beyond with their small line. They only release products that have no equivalents, and have one thing in common: every single formula is a groundbreaking solution for a widespread, unmet problem. At Rustic Salon we want to keep the best product on our shelves, so we can find the remedies that are best for you. We believe Color Wow helps us meet that goal and create fantastic, healthy hair.


With barbering and years of experience at the heart of this company, Reuzel has been perfecting pomades and creating a myriad of other awesome products for all hair types. From hair styling to beard and mustache care Reuzel has the highest-quality men’s products. For any gentleman looking for hair care that works for you, we can help you navigate Reuzel’s many options.


Known for their scientific approach to formulation, Hydropeptide is our skincare line of choice. We love to help our guests enhance their natural beauty and much like hair, skin care is a primary contributor. With clinical results and clean science informing the creation of each product, they have created efficacious and luxurious skincare. At Rustic Salon we like to pick and choose from their best products according to our clients needs. We have even done the tough part by completing their education. We will be happy to guide you on your skincare journey.


Ethica, one of the cleanest brands we have encountered, has created an age-combatting line that helps you protect, provide nourishment to, and increase your hair. The line consists of four products—done well. Ethica provides many benefits to all hair types; with an emphasis on countering the effects of aging and the environment, we love having a product that addresses a primary concern of many of our clients.


With a thorough understanding of color and its effects on the hair shaft, Oligo products provide the essential companion to color treated hair. With nourishing, paraben, salt and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners, you can protect your color and strengthen your hair. We want our clients to have quality products that will care for your color, so that each service lasts appropriately.

Ethica shampoo and conditioner in Rustic Salon


The ultimate replacement to the traditional hair tie, Teletie provides sturdy, stylish and practical pieces for all hair. We love their hair ties and clips and feel they are a superior alternative to other options out there for their high durability, unique and seasonal colors, and diverse application. One-size rarely fits all and Teletie has options for all of our wonderful guests. Thin, thick, curly or straight we have attractive and functional hair ties and clips to accommodate you. Because who doesn’t need a cute way to remedy a bad hair day?

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