Styles for Summer

Chic Hairdos for You!

Summer heat have you stuck inside? Time to recruit some new summer styles into your repertoire! A good braid or updo can be the difference between a stylish afternoon and a not-so-stylish—sweaty—afternoon. As a team of hair stylists we know the value of a quick and easy style. Whether you need to get out of the door quickly or are having a relentlessly bad hair day (which we would love to help with) pulling your hair back in a cute Teletie clip can be a lifesaver. So, we are excited to share with you some of our favorite summer styles!

Our Favorite Easy Updos

First off we have a staff favorite—the claw clip. A reliable look that doubles as heat staving and cute, is a must-have in your summer repertoire. Of course we are big fans of Teletie’s claw clip. It is durable and maintains a tight grip on your hair, for a long-lasting look. Starting at the nape of your neck, collect your hair into a low pony and then start twisting, pulling up towards the crown and then insert the clip over your twist! Free your bangs or face framing pieces and finish with a spray of Unite Session Max or your favorite hairspray. 

hair in a ponytail
hair in a french twist
hair in a claw clip

Next we will look at a reliable style with an unexpected twist! A ponytail has been a reliable way to beat the heat for a long time, however it tends to miss the mark if you are trying to achieve something that is fashionable and attractive. We like to rely on a little trick to create volume and style while keeping cool during the summer. All you need is two hair ties! Take the top half of your hair and collect it into a ponytail. Loosen you ponytail enough that you can pull it through towards the top of the head creating a twist. Collect the rest of you hair in a ponytail just beneath the first. Recruit you volumizing products and some dry shampoo for a chic ponytail for any occasion. Check out this easy tutorial if you need more guidance!

hair half up
half up ponytail inverted

Lastly we have a fun way to mix up your half-up-half-down. You may have heard of the trending bubble braid. Hailey especially loves this option because it works well for those with shorter layers or finer hair! In this half up half down we separate the top half of the hair into two parts. On one side you separate the half into three horizontal parts. You will create a ponytail with the frontmost part with a small hair tie. Then you will create a ponytail with the second part—incorporating the end of the first ponytail into the second. Finally you will repeat the process incorporating the second section into your third ponytail. Repeat on the other side and you will have a vibrant and fun hairstyle!


Picture of bubble braids

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